Guest List

Here is the list of our registered guests so far on the complete FAHS Eagles in Germany Reunion Tour in 2020, unless otherwise noted:

1.   Tony Cisneros (Tour Guide)
2.   Amy Maldonado
3.   Jose Maldonado
4.   James Cross
5.   Melissa Cross
6.   Jeanine Coombs-Todd
7.   Troy Todd
8.   Chelsea J. Carter
9.   Jane Ruetze
10. Elizabeth Wooford
11. Kristi Brown Smith
12. Debi Lombardi
13. William Pigford (Reunion only)
14. Kristy Pigford (Reunion only)
15. April Cipriano
16. Frank Cipriano
17. Cindy Wood-Frye
18. Sarah Frye
19. Les Sandlin
20. Angela Sandlin
21. Tom Reardon
22. Barb Reardon
23. Sonal Desai
24. Steve Bush
25. Tiffany Reardon Bush
26. Sheila Aldrich Dauth
27. Michael Dauth
28. Archie Alano
29. Kimberly Baron
30. Sherri Jenkins
31. Todd Kost
32. JoAnn Kost
33. Dave Pratt
34. Alyceson Pratt
35. Trish Moriarty Harbers
36. Scott Harbers
37. Sylvia Haight Ekblad
38. Vanessa Williams
39. Travis Williams
40. Sarah Hayden
41. Madeline Hayden
42. Evan Hayden
43. Carl Wilder
44. Tina Cooke
45. Amy Ritter Gibson
46. Virginia Gibson
47. Tracy Fryer Williams
48. Sharon Buhrle
49. Carolyn Bourbeau
50. Tommy Bourbeau


Eagles in Germany Reunion Tour

Got Questions about the Reunion Tour?

Don't forget to check our Frequently Asked Questions for some of the basic information about our upcoming FAHS Eagles in Germany Reunion Tour. You can also send us a quick message using the form on the right, or contact us any time you have further questions or concerns. And be sure to join our FAHS Eagles in Germany Reunion - Facebook Group in order to stay up-to-date on the trip, post questions and comments, connect with who's also going, and more!

- Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Event rates include your Room in wonderful Hotels (your choice of 3 or 8 nights), most meals and some drinks, entrance fees, guiding services, deluxe motor coach transportation throughout, FAHS T-Shirt, local taxes and fees. Single Room supplement of USD $120 (Reunion) plus USD $185 (Tour). Rates are based on the current USD/EUR rate of exchange and subject to change.

31 - 50 people  
650 Reunion (3 nts) / 1050 Tour (5 nts)  
Reunion + Tour $1700 pp  

Get Your Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance can cover your losses for both your flight and the event cost in the unfortunate case that you must cancel your spot after our deadline. It's well worth the extra few bucks for your peace of mind and you can easily shop for travel insurance and find the best plan for you:


"Wait List"

Wait List Registration for 2020 has closed until further notice. (This list is in case of any cancellations).

1.    Glen Mac
2.    Jonathan Olson (Reunion only)
3.    Nini Olson
4.    Vivian Flohr
5.    Mariah Prunty
6.    Elizabeth Hill
7.    Ethan Walker IV
8.    Demos Johnson III
9.    Rachel Johnson
10.  James Goodwin
11.  Michael Goodwin
12.  Micah Williams
13.  Josephine Williams
14.  Lisa Jeanne Hinkley
15.  Michael Blood
16.  Kathy Steele Doyle
17.  Dianna Nordin
18.  Alesia Bowman
19.  Stephanie Diede
20.  Ryenne Kuper
21.  Chayse Kuper
22.  Andrew Kuper

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